Year-End Review

Reprinted with permission from C.J. Hayden’s Get Clients Now! Answer Center

Year-End Review

To set yourself up right for the new year, it’s time to celebrate your successes, acknowledge your failures, and assess where you are right now. Follow the steps below to wrap up 2008 and move into 2009 with a clear vision.

  1. Make a list celebrating all your successes, breakthroughs, and revelations in 2008.
  2. Make another list acknowledging all your failures, disappointments, and breakdowns for the year.
  3. Score your current level of satisfaction in each wedge of the Wheel of Life.
  4. With the above information in mind, choose three to five areas of your life, career, or business you would most like to make changes in over the next year. For each focus area, provide a simple heading, and a description of your desired result in that area. In describing your desired result, use the present tense. Example:
    Be more organized
    I have a system to follow up on calls and emails, I know where everything is, I plan ahead to meet deadlines, I eliminate a sense of overwhelm, I set realistic goals for myself.
  5. For each of your three to five focus areas, design one goal, project, or commitment that will anchor your desired changes to a specific course of action.
    Goals are exciting and motivating all by themselves. They are targets that draw you and inspire you. State what you want, and by when, in specific terms. Examples:
    I will have 10 new clients by March 31.
    I will book a vacation in Hawaii by May 1.

    Projects are a means to an end. They may not be exciting, but need to be done to accomplish an end result that is important to you. Examples:
    I will file and pay my taxes on time, by April 15.
    I will clear the top of my desk by Feb 1.

    Commitments are activities to perform on a regular basis, in order to make significant changes. Rather than an end date, they have a frequency. Examples:
    I will go to the gym three times per week.
    I will make my marketing calls first thing every day.
  6. Throughout 2009, review your goals, projects, and commitments each week to align them with what appears on your calendar. Plan to repeat steps 3-5 at the end of each quarter to reassess where you are and what needs to happen next.

Have a great year!

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