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Cristina Favreau, Launch Geek

I'm Cristina, aka the “Launch Geek”

I've been helping independent online entrepreneurs launch stuff online since 2003. I can help you create and launch a full range of digital products. I can even build an entire customized launch timeline for you!

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If you'd like help coming up with a personalized strategy for your next launch, schedule a 30-minute Launch Look-See session with me. I'm more than happy to help.

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I'd like to offer you 30 minutes of my time to discuss ways you can feel more confident launching your next product.  No strings attached, 'cause that's not how I roll!

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Amber Grace at Tickled Pink + Co.

OMG Cristina is amazing <3 You kicked my butt and now I have an actual PLAN for building not one but TWO courses and I'm so so so excited!”

Emma Weise at Fresh Sage

#‎ShoutoutSunday‬ to Cristina Favreau for her FAB Feedback on how I can make my treats work a little sweeter!! Thanks Hun… you also inspired me to tweak the weekly planner a little bit more ;)”

Some of the Awesome IndiePreneurs I've Helped Over The Past Decade

Ricki Heller


Gluten Free School

Heather K Terry

Spiral Evolution


Blitz Marketing Group


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Pamela King, Marriage Coach

“Let me tell you, I'm still on a high. I called my husband in tears bc you helped me so that there are no words to explain how thankful I am. Thank you so much & I cannot wait to talk to you again next month.”

Rita Ester, Graphic & Web Designer

“She unlocks the hidden gems in your content and programs and gets a sales funnel crystal clear. She's a genius.”

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