What are some of the latest and greatest marketing techniques?

Last month, Bob Bly, one of my favorite authors asked on his blog”What's hot in marketing and advertising today?” (link no longer available)

I was interested in seeing what others would say, so I sent the question out to my online networking groups, to see if there was a consistent answer. These were the top 3 techniques I compiled (in no particular order):

  1. White papers seem to be the big thing right now
  2. Podcasting is catching on like wild-fire
  3. Online community and collaboration (blogs, forums, social networking, memberships, …) is still alive and kicking (one blogger Ardath Albee called this form of marketing “value-driven interactions.” I love that expression!!)

Kathie M. Thomas, VA Coach & Trainer, shared with me her successful marketing strategies: “Networking, meeting people face-to-face and giving out business cards has probably always been my number 1 way of marketing my business and it's cost effective.

Alice Brock, Healer and Sharman, shares this simple, yet effective technique (which I HIGHLY advocate): “My most effective marketing technique to date is following up promptly and professionally: following up email inquiries and phone calls in 12 hours, following up leads after a network meeting, following up after a contract has ended with a client. If I hadn’t been willing to follow up, I would still be waiting for potential clients to call me and I would not have a business.

What do you think? What's working for you in your business?

I have to agree that online communities are what work best for me… but then again, I haven't written any white papers nor have I come out of my comfort zone to dive into Podcasting…

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