Weekly VA Marketing Tip: Practice Your 30-Second Intro

Welcome to this edition of Weekly VA Marketing Tip! This series is specifically designed to help virtual assistants avoid marketing insanity.  Every Monday, my posts will prompt you to accomplish one specific marketing action to promote, brand or position your professional virtual business.

Implement these tips each week and I guarantee you’ll sustain your marketing momentum, increase credibility and visibility in your field, build stronger relationships, boost your ‘know, like and trust factor,’ get more ideal clients looking for you, and have a consistent marketing game plan for your virtual assistant business.

You might even start to like marketing!

Practice Your 30-Second Intro

I don't know if summer means more networking for you or less. In my days as a VA, summer meant more opportunities to network. I guess it was because more informal business networking events were planned (barbecues, sightseeing, etc) than during the winter.

Whatever this time of year means for you when it comes to networking, it's a great time to practice your 30-second networking introduction. Out loud. With real people.

How do you answer the “So, what do you do?” question in the following situations:

  • Round-robin style introduction at formal networking events
  • At a family function
  • In a check out line
  • When leaving a voice mail
  • One-on-one at a networking cocktail

If you answered “I usually wing it” or something along those lines, that tells me you're unprepared. Being unprepared means you're leaving lots of money on the table.

You never know where or when you'll meet a potential client or referral partner.

The best way to counter this situation is to turn it around. In other words, prepare yourself ahead of time, so you're ready to give your compelling 30-second intro.

Here are 5 steps to help you create your networking introduction (each of these steps are explained in detail in my guidebook):

  1. Identify your target market or ideal client.
  2. Identify your key benefit.
  3. Label yourself (and I don't just mean “Virtual Assistant”)
  4. Create your call to action.
  5. Put it all together to create your basic template:
    I help [target market] + [key benefit]. I am [label] + [call to action].

Once you're basic introduction model is created, start testing it out — that means practicing it out loud in front of real people.

Here are some ways to practice your 30-second introduction before using it in a professional networking setting:

  • Call friends (the ones you know won't be there) and recite your networking introduction on their voice mail. When they call asking what in the heck that was all about, say you're conducting marketing research. What did they hear you say?
  • Take a video of yourself giving your 30-second self promotion, post it on your blog (or YouTube) and ask readers to leave their constructive feedback in the comment section. Make it viral by publishing the link to your social networking sites.
  • Take the initiative by introducing yourself to strangers — when you're walking the dog, running errands, taking the kids to the park, etc. You'll be amazed how pushing the envelope on your comfort level makes those boundaries disappear.
  • Come up with your own creative ideas of practicing your networking introduction.
  • Finally, the obvious one, call your mentor(s) or coach, ask them to critique your 30-second pitch and to brainstorm ways of making it better.

Yes, I get that doing this is really scary. You're already coming up with ways on procrastinating on this one, right?


Your 30-second intro can make or break you. You may as well practice and refine your message in inconsequential situations, so you'll be ready for when it really counts.

So… how will you practice your 30-second commercial this week?

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