Guest Post: The Savvy Mindset – Time Management While You Sleep

Trevor Emdon and I met over the internet a few months ago, and we hit it off right away — something about personalities meshing that just can't be explained. He offered to write a series of guest posts for this blog, specifically to help you, my dear readers, with ‘out of the box' strategies to get more of what you want in your business. Enjoy!

The Savvy Mindset – Time Management While You Sleep!

Working from home means you can run your own schedule. That sounds great until you get a “to do” list so long that clocking off time becomes when you can no longer keep your eyes open.

Here's an unusual tip for time management. As you go through the day you'll accumulate things to add to your to do list. Jot them down, but if they can wait, don't do them yet. Before leaving your desk for the day, sort the list into these two categories:

  • Down to Earth, and
  • Inspired Required.

Down to Earth will be things like pay invoice number… and phone supplier X. By contrast, Inspired Required should include such things as, find the perfect marketing agency/publisher/virtual p.a. or write sales/advertising copy or need perfect product for Xmas sale and so on.

Read over the Inspired Required list and just let them roll around your mind without attempting to solve them yet. Now, before you go to sleep, just mentally issue an instruction to your subconscious mind:

“I'm going to sleep now. While I'm resting, I want you to take care of all the things on my Inspired Required list.”

Then go to sleep. In the morning, deal with the Down to Earth ones that need handling – or, better still, get your p.a., partner or friends to do them. (If you hate accounts and you have a friend who enjoys them, there's always some skill or favour you can exchange even if you don't have a budget, isn't there?)

Now turn your attention to the Inspired Required list. You'll be amazed at how many of the those tasks will seem to “do themselves”! I bet you didn't know you had a “silent partner” living in your head who will willingly work while you sleep, did you? Try it. There's no penalty for sacking them if they don't come up to expectations!

Trevor Emdon, aka the “Wizard of Wisdom” writes and creates, (from his very soul), self help and law of attraction programs, such as Stop Worrying And Grow Rich, one of his most popular as it is about how to attract money.

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