Ready to Bust Through Overwhelmism, Procrastination and Comparisitus?

I've seen too many solo entrepreneurs give up on launching out of sheer frustration.

For example, one client was so consumed by her coaching practice and part-time job, she never completed a launch plan for her program for parents of gifted children. The launch process paralyzed her before she could even get started.

And that makes me sad.

There are so many products and programs that people desperately NEED (like the example above). Yet they'll never see the light of day.

Let me get one thing crystal clear—these indiepreneurs are NOT lazy. They are hard-working, intelligent and dedicated.

If they're not daunted by the content creation, it's the tech issues that grind'em down.

Launchphobia Incarnate

Launchphobia usually manifests itself in any one (or a combination) of the following:

  • Procrastination
    I need to put off my launch—just a bit longer, until I'm ready.
  • Defiance
    Who are you to say I need to do all this stuff just to launch? I'm gonna do my thing and see what happens.
  • Inconspicuousness
    I'll do a ‘soft launch' this time around.
  • Comparisitis
    How does [biz nemesis] do it? She pulls off a 6-figure launch every other month with her eyes shut. I can't even make it through the first few steps. I SUCK!
  • Defeatism
    I guess I'm not cut out for this whole product launch thing after all.
  • Inadequacy
    I need to buy [‘launch expert']'s $2,000 product launch blueprint program. THEN I'll be ready to launch.

Sound familiar? Have any of these feelings caused you to give up your dream of launching your digital product, online program or virtual event?

That ends today, OK?!

Don't get me wrong, launching is hard work. Anyone who says launching is easy is trying to sell you their $2,000 product launch formula.

But launching doesn't have to be so hard or complicated.

And it gets easier when you do this one thing before launching.

The One Thing

What is this one thing I'm talking about?

I call it the “teaser” period.

Some call it a “buzz” campaign. Others call it the “pre-pre-launch” phase.

No matter what label we slap on it, the teaser period covers the 3 to 6 weeks before the pre-launch phase.

Confused yet?

Generally speaking, here's how a typical launch sequence flows:

Typical Launch Sequence

Now I'll explain why I'm such an advocate for the teaser period concept. Then you can decide if it's worth including in your own launch plan.

Is It Really Necessary?

Look, I'm not saying your next launch will flop without a dedicated “teaser” phase.

I know you have better things to do than sit around for 3 weeks “waiting” to launch.

Why add an extra “layer” to an already overwhelming process? I'm glad you asked.

The quick answer. Activities carried out during the teaser period serve to support and enhance pre-launch and launch efforts, resulting in reduced overwhelmism, increased confidence, and staying on track.

The long answer. Keep reading.

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How It Fits In the Launch Process

Here are some ways I've used the teaser phase during a launch. Choose the elements that work best for you.


IMNSVHO* the #1 most important launch activity is creating a customized plan.

I know, I know. Planning isn't sexy. But it's essential to a smooth-running, stress-reduced launch.

The teaser period? Well, that's the time to draw up your launch plan.

While it's good to include as many details as you can, you don't need an elaborate launch sequence. Put together a few simple elements and you're set.

Your launch plan will include things like:

  • a timeline
  • your content plan
  • a posting or publishing schedule
  • your launch goals
  • a master task list

Sussing out important details at the outset will save you from a “fly by the seat of your pants” kind of launch.

Content is Queen

The second most important launch activity to tackle is your content.

I'm going to drop a truth bomb on ya. Ready?

Being an entrepreneur makes you a marketer. To market, you must publish content. To publish content, you need to create content.

In other words: Entrepreneur = Marketer = Content creator

Got it? Embrace it!

And if you're new to launching and no one's told you—launching typically requires you to generate a huge amount of content in very little time.

A good launch plan will outline what content to publish when. Once you know what content you need, use the teaser period to get a head start on content creation.

No two launches are the same, but here's a condensed version of content you'll likely have to create at some point during your launch:

  • Email sequences
  • Blog articles
  • Video scripts
  • Webinar invites
  • Sales pages
  • Social media posts
  • … and more!

My aim isn't to scare or discourage you. I say it so you can set your expectations, energy and timeline accordingly.

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Build & Nurture

Building an email list is an ongoing task for online entrepreneurs.

When you've got a launch coming up, use the teaser period to build your general email list. (Your launch “interest list” comes later, which I'll explain in another post.)

Have you fallen off the email marketing wagon?

No worries. Start now. Reconnect with (aka nurture) your people regularly. Give them value and they'll eagerly await your messages.

What if your subscriber list is small, inactive or nonexistent?

If email is an essential part of your launch, focus on list-building activities from the get-go.

If email is not essential to the success of your launch, spend your resources where they'll have the greatest impact.

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Is That All?

I've given you the three most common launch prep activities to focus on during the teaser period.

Maybe they don't all apply to your business, your style or your personality. That's cool. Do what works for you.

Here are a few more ways to make good use of the teaser phase, increasing your chance of a successful launch.

Look through each point, and choose the best one(s) for your launch plan.


This is time to find out if your offer (the thing you're launching) is on the right track or not. Survey, poll, quiz, research, ask your target audience.

If you missed the mark on anything, you have time to make adjustments or pivot.


Start showing off what you know about your topic. But keep your upcoming launch under wraps (for now).


It's not a secret. Once you're in full-out launch mode there's no room on your plate to pursue “extras.”
You know what I'm talking about!

The “calmer” teaser period allows you time to purposefully search out targeted exposure.

Get On the Radar

In business you need people who are on your side—supporters, partners, cheerleaders.

They may never buy anything, but they can confidently recommend your stuff to others.

An entrepreneur understands the importance of continuously building relationships. Obviously, this happens well BEFORE launch time.

Use the teaser period to:

  • renew or cultivate existing relationships
  • make new connections
  • engage meaningfully with your champions


If nothing else, those few extra weeks give you a bit of breathing space before going into full-out launch mode.

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What Now?

Here's your teaser strategy in a nutshell:

  • plan & execute
  • grow & connect
  • create & publish

The teaser period is an ideal time to create your launch plan, refine your offer and get some heavy lifting out of the way.

Remember, the teaser period is not yet the time to announce your launch. (It's our little secret.)

Have I convinced you to add a teaser period to your next launch plan?

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Let me know in the comments!

In the next article, you'll get my epic list of pre-launch content ideas (‘cuz that's when the rubber hits the road).

* In my not-so-very humble opinion

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