Your 30-Second Intro: Networking – Getting to know about you

I guess everyone is getting ready for International Networking Week '09 (February 2-6), because I keep finding all these great articles on networking and creating your 30-second commercial.

I read an article “Networking – Getting to know about you” I found in the, written by Colleen Evans, Executive Director of the Campbell River Chamber of Commerce (the article is no longer available on their site).

My favorite quote in this article highlights the importance of having as a networking objective to building relationships (as opposed to trying to make a sale, getting a meeting, etc.):

The purpose of networking varies based on one’s own agenda, but the primary focus is to meet people, and have people meet you and to build relationships. It’s not a license to sell yourself and it’s not a contest to see how many business cards you can collect. (Emphasis mine.)

If you're looking for direction on how to build relationships through networking, check out my guidebook, Designing a Compelling 30-Second Intro.

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