The Launch Geek Manifesto

An Indiepreneur's Guide To Launching, Business — and Life!

It's time to embrace your inner launch geek, because your people need you!

Don't let “experts” and “gurus” dictate terms of your success!

No one has the market cornered on the “right way” to launch, create, market, engage, teach, share, sell, publish, broadcast, write, persuade or otherwise run your business.

Remember: No one will care about or know your business and your people more than you. EVER.

What is The Launch Geek Manifesto?

They are words independent entrepreneurs live and die by. They are part of our very being.

It explains why we do what we do.

While it's made up of 5 short sentences, the essence of the manifesto runs deep through the true indiepreneur's soul.

Here it is —
The Launch Geek Manifesto:

  1. I embrace my unique quirks.
  2. My people come first.
  3. I launch my own way.
  4. My best is good enough.
  5. I adapt to change and pivot on my terms.

Do you connect with these simple, yet profound statements? Congratulations, you're a Launch Geek!

The Launch Geek Manifesto

Ready to show off your inner Launch Geek? It's simple:

  1. Download The Launch Geek Manifesto.
  2. Print it.
  3. Display it prominently and proudly.
  4. Recite it (out loud!) whenever you start comparing yourself or feeling “less than.”

Download The Launch Geek Manifesto