Have you sold yourself on eBay yet??

I've been reading Mark O'Neill's article Selling Your Services on eBay: Bring Your Own Beer and wondered if this trend has really caught on in North America… If so, is it working?

So I decided to do some detective work – Cristina-style. I started searching for “coaching” on eBay. Most listings were for coaching products — ebooks, courses, DVD/CDs, books, etc… Then, I fell on someone's listing for a free professional life coaching session; but he's located in the UK — he didn't count. Finally, I saw this guy's listing [link no longer active] and wondered how many bids he actually gets for his coaching. I went to look at his feedback to see what his most recent selling transactions were. I could only go as far back as June 24th, and found out he sells a TON of motivational CDs, but I didn't find one single person who left feedback for a coaching session.

The link above probably won't work, since the listing is expired. It was an eBay listing entitled Actual Coaching Session with David Ren Jenkins Himself by David Ren Jenkins, self-proclaimed Six Million Dollar Coach.

So I'm wondering:

  • What does this do for his credibility?
  • Does this guy have so much money that he can spend it on Insertion, Final Value and Buy It Now Fees (as a self-proclaimed millionaire, I guess he can)?
  • If he really is “The Six Million Dollar Coach” he says he is, why does he NEED to market his services on eBay?
  • Does this form of marketing actually generate business for him?

Then I searched Google for his name… Of 296 English pages, there was nothing much but eBay sites… His actual website was listed 3rd to last (which is under construction… Hello??? Why doesn't he spend all those eBay listing dollars and use it to build a half-decent website???).

Ok, so maybe I'm being a little hard on this guy. Maybe this is all part of his branding and marketing plan… Maybe he WANTS to be branded as a successful eBay seller of his coaching products. Maybe he WANTS his name, visibility and credibility to be attached to the eBay name… Maybe his target clients ARE eBay shoppers. He probably gets coaching clients who want to hire him without going through the eBay bidding process. Maybe he's just testing the system to see how much business eBay generates. Who am I to criticize? You'll have to excuse my skepticism (it's in my nature); I'm not picking on the guy… I just want to know.

After reading O'Neill's article I thought “Cool! I should try that!” but on further investigation, I have decided not to. I think it would hurt my credibility and hamper the work I'm doing to get good search engine ratings… Maybe once I start selling my products I'll consider it.

If eBay's working for your service, please let me know! I'd love to hear your story!!

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