Fightin’ Words

Have you ever had the opportunity to find out exactly what people think of you and your business? It usually happens by accident (perhaps while eavesdropping overhearing a conversation not intended for your ears).

I had just such an occasion yesterday — although, it wasn't as exciting as an undercover operation!

Yesterday I stayed home with the kids, instead of going to a client's. My son was sick and I didn't want to drive in all the snow we got here in Montreal. Like many of you, I built my business to fit around my life, with the flexibility to care for my family when I want need to.

When my husband got home and asked how my day went, I gave him the details of our fun day painting, doing puzzles, singing, etc… Then he said, looking at our house guest instead of me, “Oh, she didn't pretend to work today.

Trying to brush off his cutting remark (and not wanting to make a scene) I retorted, “Actually, I posted something on my blog.” Now looking at me, he replied, “Ah, so you DID pretend to work today!

Has this ever happened to you? Maybe you just know people around you think your business is something not serious or not “real work.”

Needless to say, I was hurt and meant to give my husband an earful as soon we had a moment in private (our guest is staying with us 3 weeks)!

But now that I think about it, I realize how it must look to him.

After all, he's part of the rat race. He has a boss to report to. He has to punch in each morning. He's considered not a team player if he doesn't do overtime when asked. He has to call in when he's sick.

Here I am having fun and really enjoying what I do. I choose my hours. I choose the people I work with. I have a hard time leaving my office because I'm just so passionate about what I do. I can play with the kids, and do work while they nap. Reminds me of this week's The Savvy Snippet — as opposed to him, I'm PLAYING and having FUN all day!

Get out there and have a blast! Turn a deaf ear to anyone who trivializes your work or tries to make you feel guilty.

Keep in mind, that person probably envies you! There's not much you can do, so instead of justifying yourself, go up to that person, wrap your arms around their neck, and tell him you love him just the same!

Guess who's getting a hug tonight?

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