Your entrepreneur super power sets you apart from everyone else in your industry…

… especially if you want to sell online products and launch digital programs, events and services.

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Hey. This is Cristina Favreau, your resident Launch Geek. Today I want to discuss your entrepreneur super power.

I was prompted to write this based on a conversation the other day.

I was telling this person how much I was in awe of her ability to do what she does in her business.

As I was saying how amazing I thought her super power was, she would reply with comments like, “Doesn't everybody do that? Doesn't everybody do it that way?” And, “If I pull back the curtain and tell people how I do things, they're just going to walk off and do it on their own. Then they're not going to need me anymore.”

I was speechless for a while, because this mentality or thinking that “anyone could do what I do” was holding her back from putting herself out there, and launching in a big way.

From that conversation, I want to share with you three different ways that you can figure out what your super power is as the indiepreneur that you are.

How To Figure Out Your Entrepreneur Super Power

Here we go, three ways to figure out your super power.


Your Advice

A first way is to answer: What do people ask me advice about?

What topic, or topics, do people seek your guidance on? What do people keep coming to you for, over and over again?

Think about the counsel you give and how it relates to your business, specialty, niche or expertise.

You might start to recognize an emerging theme.

But what if there is not one emerging theme, but a variety of unrelated topics?

Then consider other connections. Like, maybe it's the way you give advice, or how you listen, or that you come up with creative solutions.

Whatever the common denominator(s) is (are) will give you insight on that unique gift you have to offer in your business.

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Those Who Know You Well

A second way to figure out your super power is: What do those who know me best say?

What do those closest to you, know you well or have worked with you say your super power is?

That, obviously, includes close family members, significant other, and close friends. But sometimes they're not always the best to ask, since they'll often say what they think you want to hear, or be polite and say something “safe.”

Another great source to ask are former employers, colleagues and work mates.

A final group of people are current clients, past clients and those you've worked with in your business.

Ask all of these groups of people how they would describe you.

Ask them what they feel you're good at and what they appreciate you most for.

Questions like:

  • “How would you describe my abilities or special skills?”
  • “Describe my personalities as it relates to my business.”
  • “If you had to use one word to describe me, what would that be?”

You're looking for honest, yet constructive feedback. You're listening for vocabulary to apply in your business.

You'll be surprised, sometimes quite pleasantly, at what others see in you that you either didn't know were there, have taken for granted or dismiss altogether.

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Your Strengths

A third way to figure out your super power (and, by far, my favorite): What are my top strengths?

Figuring this piece out, for me, was nothing short of life changing. Getting clear on my top strengths gave me the vocabulary, the words, to describe my “thing”—my unique combination that, when put to use, lights me up, gets me in the zone and become unstoppable. How's THAT for power!?

I'm a huge strengths advocate for that reason.

Figuring out your strengths, however, is not always easy to do on your own (at least not for me).

Because I kind of eat this stuff up (personality, self-knowledge, personal development), I read 3 books on the subject and did ALL the exercises in each book.

But I know not everyone has time or the interest to do what I did.

So here's what I recommend: Go through StrengthFinder by Tom Rath.

Basically, it's a strengths assessment and that will list your top five strengths.

It will give you five distinct qualities, if you will, to develop and get better at instead of trying to get better at the stuff that you're just not good at.

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Here are my top 5:

My Top 5 Strengths

Knowledge (especially self-knowledge) is power.

Seeing that list empowers me. It gives me confidence to put myself out there and show off the best parts of myself. It help me to focus and develop the best parts of me, instead of beating myself up and trying to work on my weaknesses.

And that one word — Individualization — validated what I had always known was there; It's a quality that permeates everything I do… in my personal and professional life. It provided the words to define why I'm so good at what I do.

I'm sick and tired of people trying to get better at what they suck at. We should be trying to get better at what we’re awesome in and figuring out what our strengths are.

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Figuring Out Your Super Power Is Important

Why is this important? What does figuring out your indiepreneur super power have to do with launching?

Here's the truth: People will to come to YOU based on what makes YOU different from everyone else.

This is why it's really important to know, accept and embrace your unique super power.

Getting clear on what makes you distinct from everyone else is an important key to successfully launching, to promoting yourself online, and to getting your personality to shine through in the online business world.

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That's it. That's what I had to share today.

I hope those three points will help you figure out your super power awesomeness.

Please comment and let me know what YOUR super power is.

Remember: “It ain't bragging if you can back it up.”

"It ain't bragging if you can back it up." -- Dizzy Dean

Keep launching your way!

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