Guest Post: Best Practices When Outsourcing from One Virtual Assistant to Another

A huge thanks to Nicole Munoz for writing this article especially for The Savvy Entrepreneur. Enjoy!

Best Practices When Outsourcing from One Virtual Assistant to Another

Author: Nicole Munoz

It’s the best feeling in the world to get a job done to perfection for your client. Your reputation gets better, the positive feedback is there for prospective clients to see, and your business volume increases. What do you do when you need help with a client’s project and decide to outsource that know-how to someone else in your field? There are some very specific things to look for, to be cautious of, and steps to follow before outsourcing to another Virtual Assistant (VA).

For the person outsourcing to a fellow VA:

  1. Make sure you know who you are dealing with. Research the person beforehand being sure to check other client’s feedback, see how long they’ve been a VA, read their profile and portfolio, and don’t be afraid to ask for sample work!
  2. They should be reliable. Define what needs to be done and when it should be completed. Make a timeline of goals and the dates they should be met. Follow through with your VA and be sure projects are getting done on time!
  3. Their level of expertise, quality of their work, and their skill set should closely match yours, yet be specific to their area of knowledge. Remember, it’s your reputation on the line!
  4. It’s recommended that they submit all completed work to you, not directly to the client. This is to ensure that the work is done in a timely manner and that the content meets the quality you pride yourself on.
  5. Consider having an agreement drawn up (if one is not already present through an outsourcing service) outlining the above expectations as well as any others you see fit for your circumstance and clientele.

For the outsourced Virtual Assistant:

  1. Have integrity in the work you produce and in your communications with your hiring VA. The better your work is, the more likely you are to be hired again for a future project.
  2. Become an expert! If some research is necessary as to the exact industry the client is in, do a Google search on the subject and get informed. Your content will reflect a better presentation.
  3. Plan to abide by the partner VA’s rules and written directions. Payment is usually contingent on projects being completed as directed, so make it happen; get paid, and plan to get hired again when they need you next time!
  4. Always check with your hiring VA before directly contacting clients or promoting yourself. Just like you, the other VA is trying to run a business and grow their client base.

Most of these best practices are common sense, but should still be stated and agreed upon prior to working together with another Virtual Assistant. It’s good to stay on caution’s side until you get the chance to know and trust the people who help you. After you’ve reached that point, the benefit is building some lasting and professional relationships with others in your field and referring business to each other on a mutual and regular basis. Both of your businesses will inevitably grow as client’s needs are met…and isn’t that the whole point of outsourcing?

About the author: Nicole Munoz is the owner of Start Ranking Now, an SEO outsourcing company providing articles, blogs, and SEO ranking expertise. She is a Link Building Expert who also conducts SEO training in San Diego.

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