Anti-Procrastination Month ’08: Day 23

Well… it's already the end of October… and you know what that means… It's the end of Anti-Procrastination Month 2008.

For this final post, I want to share with you something from Havi Brooks, co-owner of The Fluent Self (her partner in crime is yellow and squeaky). The same instruction as I gave you yesterday about Dave Navarro, I'm repeating to you today: If you don't know Havi… go meet her, right now.

The problem I'm having with today's post is finding just one of Havi's blog articles that I love more than another… and I can't, 'cause I love them all…

So instead of posting one of Havi's articles (which you're going to read while you're there anyways), I'm going to gush over her Procrastination Dissolve-O-Matic package.

Havi's specialty is two-fold: Destuckification and Biggification (those are her words… I only wish I could coin cool new words like that).

And (dare I) tie those two together with one main theme (and it rhymes): Simplification.

She basically breaks down procrastination to the core without any added layers. This may not sound profound, but it is because we live in a society that likes to layer with labels (you procrastinate = you're lazy, I'm procrastinating = I suck, etc.), and we're so used to it. After stripping procrastination down to it's most neked stake, Havi will show you how to add a layer of mindfulness, stop the criticism and labels, detach from the pain, focus and step into action.

Then she'll teach you how to have fun in the process (that's right… I said FUN).

You'll learn how to use your body to stop procrastination cold in its tracks.

Then she…. alright… I'll stop here, 'cause the book is over 100 pages… and I want to save some surprises for you to discover on your own.

You get the point….

I guess what I'm trying to tell you is, if you're still really stuck — not just a little — and you've tried EVERYTHING else under the sun to beat procrastination, you must must MUST check out Procrastination Dissolve-O-Matic. Havi will shake you up and take you to a totally different place to whip your stuck self back into action… quickly and painlessly.

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