Anti-Procrastination Month ’08: Day 22

I've been saving my favorite resources to share with you at the close of Anti-Procrastination Month 2008 (only 2 days left… can you believe it?).

If you don't already know Dave Navarro… you should. Skip over to his blog, Rock Your Day, and (with plenty of coffee) spend some time — no, NOT procrastinating, but reading his awesome procrastination-busting posts. You will not regret it.

To give you an example of what you'll find on his blog, I've stolen one my favorites from Dave's collection to share with you today. Enjoy.

Why It’s So Damned Hard To Stop Procrastinating

by Dave Navarro

If there’s anything that the last five days have shown me, it’s that the number of people who want to stop procrastinating is bigger than I thought.  And it’s not just a problem for “slackers” or lazy people, either – procrastination is a chronic demon even for some pretty big names on the web (based on some of the “Help me!” emails I received this weekend).  So let’s talk about why overcoming procrastination is such a hard nut to crack.

Read the entire article “Why It’s So Damned Hard To Stop Procrastinating” here

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