Anti-Procrastination Month ’08: Day 18

So, it's Friday and there's only one week left to Anti-Procrastination Month 2008. How is your productivity coming along? Have you beat procrastination out of you? Me either, but I'm getting there and I hope you are too!

Today's productivity-boosting idea is all about creating a productivity habit. It sounds like a lot of work, but I guarantee (if this is your thing) this technique will make a huge difference for you in the long run. I mean, wouldn't you love to brag about your productivity patterns and know you will (almost) never put anything off again?

I go on a 21 day habit forming. I visualize hours before I actually do the task, think about the feelings I am going to feel, beat them on the onset, set a time frame for each task, reward myself for a task well done. I remind myself to not be too proud of an accomplishment because I am only as good as my last “good”.Remy Marie Del Rosario, Online Media Professional

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