Anti-Procrastination Month ’08: Day 13

Now that we're half-way through Anti-Procrastination Month 2008, how's your productivity? Are these posts helping you? What challenges are still coming up for you?

Today's post shows how motivation plays a role in helping us do what needs to get done.

Here's one person's take on motivation:

Having been a professional procrastinator early in my adult life, I can tell you that my own anti procrastination motivation plan is to think of all of the missed opportunities I have had over the course of my life due to procrastination.

I then remind myself of where I am and where I have been, and how I finally achieved upward mobility and success in my own mind when I stopped procrastinating duties and tasks.

Even the small tasks we like to pt can lead to huge opportunities, benefits, or rewards if we just get them done!

Stress is less, and life is really a whole lot easier if procrastination is not allowed to inhibit progress on goals, and rob us of opportunities because we have put off something that could turn out to be the next big opportunity for success. — Joanne Young, PMP

What's my motivation and what is procrastination really costing me? Here's how it goes for me:

I hate writing. But…

  • If I don't write, people won't know me.
  • If people don't know me, I won't get clients.
  • If I don't have clients, I won't get paid.
  • If I don't get paid, I'll have no money.
  • If I have no money, I can't feed my kid's healthy, immunity-boosting foods. (It's so much more expensive to eat healthy, than it is getting fast food or processed stuff).
  • If I don't feed my kids healthy foods, we'll be sick all winter and I'll compromise their health for the future.

… and I could go on, but you get the point.

As you can see, when boiled down, my motivation are my kids and the health of my family.

So, what's your motivation to stay productive and beat procrastination when it creeps up?

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