Ready to Launch Your Digital Thing Already?

No matter what that “thing” might be—an online course, a program, a digital product, a virtual event, a blog, a podcast, or a new online business—I've been helping independent entrepreneurs (lovingly called IndiePreneurs) just like you launch stuff online since 2003.

But how do you do it without feeling overwhelmed, confused… or worse, feeling like a fraud?

Don't you wish someone could skillfully pull all the ideas, projects, plans, visions, …, all that “stuff” OUT of your brain?

And don't you wish that person could then take all that “stuff,” connect them to your current business and spin them in unique and interesting product launches?

Girlfriend, that's what I'm here for!

That's Me!

That's Me!

Hi! My name is Cristina Favreau, aka the Launch Geek and that's what I do. It's my thing.

The fancy-pants title is Online Product Launch Consultant.

In plain English, I can transform your ideas and services into “stuff” you can launch online.

I'll even show you how to launch your thing online in a way that fits with your personality, skill level and vision.


If you have a digital product inside of you BEGGING to come to life, you're tired of procrastinating but you have NO CLUE where to start, let's have a quick Launch Look-See Session.

It's free, and within 30 minutes I'll tell you what you need to do next.

How about it? Just click here for details.

The Launch Geek Manifesto

As Launch Geeks we…

  1. … embrace our unique quirks
  2. … put our people first
  3. … launch our own special way
  4. … know that our best is good enough
  5. … remain adaptable to change

Hi, Cristina
thank you for your great words of hope regarding keeping positive. I really enjoyed reading it and it is so wonderful you have shared it because there are people always wanting to pull you down (whether they realise it or not)
many thanks

Mitch Ditkoff

Christina: Thank you so much for your kind review of my book, Awake at the Wheel. I am thrilled that the book touched you in a deep and playful way. And I certainly appreciate you spreading the word. Thanks, again… and when you get a chance, check out my blog.You may find it useful and inspiring.

All the Best!
Mitch Ditkoff

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