A great follow-up technique

A regular and consistent follow-up program has made all the difference in the success of my coaching practice. But not everyone likes to call out, even if it's “warm calling”.

One of my favorite books, Selling Your Services, offers a great method—an alternative to calling out—of letting past and potential clients know that you are thinking about them and reminding them that you are available should they need you:

[An] extremely effective keep-in-touch technique is the Here's-my-recent-success mailing. Here you send a letter telling clients and prospects, “Here's a recent job I did for [name of client]. They were very pleased, and we achieved [describe specific results]. Here's what Joe the client said: [insert brief client testimonial]. Can I help you achieve the same success? Sincerely, Bob Service Provider.”

Enclose with the letter tangible material from the job. This can be a case history article, news clip, photograph, sample, videotape, or a copy of a letter of praise from your satisfied client.

Bob's only caveat

Get permission before sending it. Some clients are sensitive and don't want you to use their names. You must respect this wish, or you could risk losing a client.

Why does this technique work so well? You are showing your prospects tangible benefits an positive results of using your services. Use this technique, in conjunction with other follow-up methods I will share with you here, and your business is sure to grow as well.

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