School's Out For Summer!

Spending summer with the kids…

… is one of the greatest perks of being your own boss!

Don't you agree?

While you're busy with Fall launch planning, I'm playing with my kidlets, soaking in the sun and, overall, chillaxin'.


You may have noticed I got very quiet early in the year. That's because I was hit with debilitating and overwhelming health issues. It was my body's way of telling me to take a time-out.

I urgently needed to take everything off my plate, except for the absolutely necessary (and even then!). That's why I've been laying low.

I'm, just now (June 2017), feeling like I'm able to take on a few more responsibilities.

With Summer Break upon us, I decided to extend my hiatus over the summer, which will allow me to focus on caring for my family and health.

Have a great summer!

P.S. Having a hard time getting a hold of me? To keep anxiety levels low, I've been staying away from social media and email. The absolute best way to contact me is to call my home office at 1-450-991-2142 (in Canada). I can't promise I'll answer when you ring, but if you leave a message (with your name and call-back number), I'll return your call within a day or two!